My Approach and background

My approach is warm, supportive and authentic. While supporting you in your life as it is now, I’m also tracking for those bright spots or hints that help us see a little bit what you might be growing towards. We’ll spend some time learning about how you came to be the way you are, but mostly I’m curious about how you are you, in this moment. What makes you unique And what about you and I in the room is familiar or different, what feels important to you.

My therapeutic orientation is holistic, psychodynamic, relational, and deeply rooted in mindfulness and present moment experience. I honor the history and origin of how you make meaning of your life experiences and relationships, and I also recognize the impact of the systems within which you live your life. Whether we are working on relational trauma, self improvement, or just trying to get through hard times, I'll be consistent and diligent in supporting you in your growth and change.

Professional Training and Certifications:

  • M.A. Somatic Counseling Psychology from California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco.

  • Hakomi: An experiential and mindfulness-based approach to Somatic Psychotherapy. 3+ years, Hakomi Institute of California.

  • Psycho-Physical Therapy: A heart-centered and resource-based approach to therapy that centralizes the body (posture, gesture, movement, touch) in assessment and therapeutic interventions. 2 years.

  • Re-Creation of the Self (R-CS): A therapy that focuses on “re-empowering our ability to live from an undivided state of Selfhood in relationship with others”. 2016 and 2018 trainings.

  • Prepare/Enrich Facilitator: An evidence-based Premarital and Marriage assessment tool

  • B.A. in Art History from the University of Washington (1997)

  • Ongoing professional and personal growth via classes, trainings, individual study, and consultation with colleagues.


I have personal experience working with depression, anxiety, career changes, divorce, long-term relationship, loss and grieving, and the struggle to reconnect with creative source. I am LGBTQ friendly and am intimately familiar with some of the issues of discrimination and internalized shame facing people who aren't welcomed by their environment in the way they should be. In addition to my work as a therapist, I spend time reading neuroscience and trauma literature, hiking and mushroom hunting, yoga/meditation, making art and taking pictures. Past work has included 18+ years in the custom home-building industry and caregiving for the elderly with early Alzheimers.